astrological consultation


Natal astrology interprets the client’s birth chart and explores the personal characteristics and traits an individual is most likely to manifest. It is possible to pinpoint what comes easily to a person – their skills, talents, opportunities, ‘blessings’ and sources of joy – and what poses challenges. Life and people are constantly changing, even if it does not always seem like it. The act of becoming aware of where we have our hang-ups, fears and deeply entrenched habits lessens their strong grip on us and means transformation is possible. Habits we may not have noticed can be either accepted or adjusted to make our lives a lot less difficult. On the other hand, when going through an emotionally and mentally demanding time, we may overlook our special talents and skills. Here, astrology can again help to shine a light on forgotten potentials to help a person regain confidence and direction.


An astrological consultation differs greatly from mainstream astrology, which is usually encountered through columns in magazines. This is called Sun-sign astrology and is reduced to your Sun sign (or what is generally referred to as your ‘sign’ or ‘star sign’, i.e. the sign the Sun was in on your birthday). Sun-sign columns make predictions that are very limited and of little value, disregarding the individual’s birth time and birth location and only interpreting the Sun’s position, disregarding the Moon, planets, angles and other bodies of interest. Every individual has every sign of the zodiac represented in their character; however, they differ in quality, expression and intensity depending on where the planets were located at birth (see birth chart).


It is not possible to predict exactly what kind of event will happen or what kind of people one will meet. However, astrology can very accurately forecast which energies (e.g. exciting, invigorating, stressful, calming) in which areas (e.g. work, family, friends, love life, studies) are likely to be experienced. Also, it is not possible to predict exactly how a person will live their life or what their personality will be like by just looking at their chart. Depending on how consciously aware a person is of his or her own inner motivations, emotions and mental habits and their openness to transforming and seeking relief from suffering, the exact same chart can be lived out in different ways. This includes the influence of coming from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds.


Critics disqualify the validity of astrology, calling it a ‘pseudo-science’. However, Western astrology does not claim to be a ‘science’ as it does not work within the conventional dual system of mainstream science. Daliah Roth has a very practical and realistic approach to the material world, having obtained an MBA from a prominent university in Germany, been a successful business owner and worked in the private investment sector for years. By vehemently scrutinising the system of astrology, she has never taken any of its techniques at face value. By comparing charts with the personalities and activities of their owners since 2001, Daliah has come to the conclusion that astrology, even if it does not stand the test of scientific methods, is uncannily accurate. It can help people immensely in their search for self-understanding, making sense of seemingly senseless difficult times and finding meaning in their lives through transformation and acceptance.